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Textile Products


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Customer Happiness

Long-term customer-supplier relationship.

Certified Quality Production

Oeko-Tex, BSCI and ISO 2000 are mean basics for our social production with our documents.

Custom Design

We produce customized - individually for you!. You choose fabrics,pattern we do!

Fast and Economic Logistics

Fast delivery and attractive prices are essential support for your success.

Dynamic and Experienced Team

Our team working many years in united and woven items.

Easy Communication

Fast and quick communication is main issue for a textile production. So we speak German and English fluently for a better understanding.

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About Us

Textile World and Socio-Ecological Sensitivity / Immanuel Kant's categorical imperative is one of the main foundations of our ethic paths: it is part of our life in textile products, and at the same time sustainable using of resources. Usar Merchandising is a textile-crazy team since 2000. We are producing solutions for our customers in textile products.


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Our References

Our Principles

We have quality system certificates and certificates of reliability We also pay particular attention to the supply chain of the products we produce.

We have received Oeko-Tex documentation on all fabrics we use as well as the accessories.


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